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Investment Contribution Calculator

How It Works

This  calculator will give you an estimate of what your initial monthly investment contribution needs to be to reach your end goal, taking into account your initial investment/any money you currently have invested, how may years you have to your goal, your return rate, and how much you intend to increase your contribution by each year. Most would not expect to keep their contributions the same throughout their life (with inflation, career progression etc.), which makes this calculator much more useful.

The output will show you the year and month, the balance and contribution for that month, the interest earned and total contributions.


This calculator is compute heavy and may crash. If it doesn't work after a couple of attempts it may be too complex of a scenario to deal with. I have reduced the accuracy of the goal target to within 1% to help with this.

It may say the goal was not reached with the given parameters. This is likely because the inputs create a scenario where contributions are not required to meet the goal. Otherwise, the calculator needs reset so please refresh the page.

The bar chart currently does not update after entering new data. Please refresh the page for new calculations if you would like to view this graphic.

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