BSc (Hons) Health, Physical Activity and Sport

Dissertation and other articles written as part of my undergraduate degree at Stranmillis University College of Queen's University Belfast (2018-2021)

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Anthropometric and fitness variables as a predictor of 2000m rowing ergometer time


This calculator has been made to predict the 2,000m time in fully-able athletes aged 18 or over. It took a sample of 111 rowers from clubs around the UK and Ireland to create a multiple regression equation that predicts performance to a high degree of accuracy.

The validity and reliability of pedometers for assessing physical activity in children


Physical activity is a multi-dimensional construct, making it difficult to find a highly valid and reliable measure which is also simple to analyse. Pedometers offer a low cost and practical measure of physical activity for children. Therefore, this short literature review offers will discuss the usefulness of pedometer, with reference to their sensitivity.

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An analysis of how athletes at all levels of competition can meet their energy and nutrition needs on a vegetarian or vegan diet


This short literature review will broadly discuss how the vegetarian and vegan diet impacts the ability of an athlete to meet their energy and macronutrient requirements, with a small section on micronutrient requirements.

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